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SQL Server

  • SQL - The Landing Page of SQL Server for the Internet
  • SQL Server - SQL Server Technical Docs
  • Azure SQL - Azure SQL Documentation

SQL First-Aid

URL Notes
Glenn Berry - DMV Notebook A very awesome notebook for use in Azure Data Studio to gather information when on new environments.
Paul Randal - Where Does it Hurt Identify the Top Wait Stats for an SQL Server Instance
Brent Ozar - First Responder Very comprehensive tool set for helping with investigations



** TSQL Beginners Course** - Well outlined Starting point for people interested in learning TSQL

Blogs (alphabetically)

Author URL
Alex Yates
Allen White
Andrew B. Collier
Andy Leonard
Andy Yun
Angela Henry
Bob Pusateri
Brent Ozar
Carlos Robles
Cathrine Wilhelmsen
Chris Yates
Ed Watson
Erin Stellato
Gail Shaw
Ginger Grant
Glenn Berry
Grant Fritchey
Hamish Watson
Hugo Kornelis
Itzik Ben-Gan
James McGillivray
Jonathan Kehayias
Kendra Little
Kimberly L. Tripp
Martin Catherall
Michael J Swart
Michael Johnson
Paul Randal
Pinal Dave
Rob Farley
Shabnam Watson
Thomas LaRock
Uwe Ricken

Azure Synapse


Data Science

URL Notes
Data Science Path a Twitter Thread on a recommend path for a new Data Scientist
Top 30 Data Science Courses Articel listing some good Data Science courses
10 Data Science and ML Courses 10 More Courses for new and aspiring Data Scientists
DevOps in Data Science Buck Woody Articles on DevOps for Data Science
How Decision Trees Work Explaining in detail how decision trees work
Model Performance Measures How to measure performance of a ML Model
WoE Weight of Evidence in python
Regression Solvers Explaining the different Regrerssion Resolvers