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Simple Example of using sp_execute_external_script with Python


Since the release of Microsoft SQL Server 2017, Microsoft has introduced the ability to execute Python code direct from within the SQL Server environement. Now my first question was why? Well over time I came to the conclusion that SQL Server is not always the best/only tool for the job and thus this feature allows us to perform more complex and complete functions for example string distance functions in SQL Server. We perform many of these on a daily basis like JaroWinkler, which works great except that I can do it even quicker in Python as it is a RBAR operation.

You can read more on this at Docs


Create Table for Demo

Lets start off by creating our input dataset, in most cases you would already have a dataset in mind for this. If that is the case you can skip the next 2 steps.

	Firstname varchar(50),
	Surname varchar(50),
	EmailAddress varchar(50)

Insert Records into table

Insert some dummy data for processing.

INSERT INTO Employees VALUES ('JP','Voogt','')
INSERT INTO Employees VALUES ('John','Smith','')
INSERT INTO Employees VALUES ('Faf','De Klerk','')

Python script

Note that I will pass my data(SQL Query) from SQL Server to Python using my_input_data, and OutputDataSet as my final output. You will need to know what columns and datatypes you will be expecting back from Python.

In this example we will use pandas to take the first letter of the Firstname and the Surname and combine them to create our OutputName column. This is just an easy example of how to perform string manipulation operations in Python

SET @NewScript  = N'
import pandas as pd

#Read Data From Input @input_data_1 
df = my_input_data

#Perform String Manipulation
df["OutputName"] = df.apply(lambda x : x.Firstname[0] + " " + x.Surname, axis=1)

#Assign pandas.DataFrame to our spesified OutputDataSet
OutputDataSet = df

EXEC sp_execute_external_script

This is now where it all comes together, We indicate that we want to use Python, provide the input script, the input data and specify what the expected output will look like.

EXEC sp_execute_external_script
 @language = N'Python'
, @Script = @NewScript
, @input_data_1 = N'SELECT * FROM Employees'
, @input_data_1_name = N'my_input_data'
WITH RESULT SETS ((Id int, Firstname varchar(50), Surname varchar(50), EmailAddress varchar(50), OutputName varchar(50)))




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