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Azure Synapse Query Monitoring


I have gotten so use to Adam Machanic’s sp_whoisactive that when we migrated our workloads to Azure Synapse I felt completely lost. So over time I started to compile my own little queries to inspect what is/was going on, it is far from perfect, but for me it was a great start. Please feel free to make changes to the project on GitHub


You should be able to just open and run the sp_synapse_queries_combined.sql script, this will “deploy” 2 Stored Procedures

*sp_synapse_queries *sp_synapse_queries_deepdive

I wanted to add both into 1, but unfortunatly Azure Synapse does not yet allow us to create parameters in Stored Procedures with default values.

Clone or Download Here

Permissions Required

GRANT VIEW DATABASE STATE ON GRANT EXECUTE ON sp_synapse_queries GRANT EXECUTE ON sp_synapse_queries_deepdive

How to Use

So lets get started, all you need to do is run the below SQL command.

EXEC dbo.sp_whoisactive;

Ok great, what now. Well now I explain (will be shortened due to me not enjoying documentation), you will get the below output. The first results set is all the queries in the queue (YES THAT MEANS IT IS NOT DOING ANYTHING), the second result set is all the queries that is actually running at the moment.

You can also read Microsoft Docs on this, as some of the code came from there.

Column Name JP’s Description
session_id Unique session id for a query
request_id Unique Query id in a session
login_name Who is running this session
status Is the query running or in a queue
running_time How long in seconds has the query been running for
time_in_queue How long was the query in a queue before it started executing
submit_time When did you press F5
start_time When did it actually start
end_compile_time When did it finish creating the execution plan
end_time When did your query finish
label Query Label
command SQL Command that is being executed
blocking_session_id If populated something is blocking your query
app_name Application Session is coming from
resource_class Resource Class, you can read up on this
deepdive Magic statement we will be explaining

Yes I knew you would not be able to stop thinking about the magic command, so what is it? Well essentially it is just another stored procedure called sp_whoisactive_deepdive prepopulated with the basic deep dive parameters

EXEC dbo.sp_whoisactive_deepdive @request_id = 'QID10741526', @distributions = 0, @tempdb = 0

If you run it as is, you will get 2 more result sets as below.

  1. The Query Steps, a nice way of looking at what step your query is busy with
  2. Waits, what your query has locks on and what it could be waiting on

If you want to dive even deeper, you can set the @distributions parameter to 1, this will then produce the below.

  1. The Query Steps on all distribution Nodes
  2. The Data Movement steps your query is busy with

Now when you are feeling adventurous turn on the @tempdb parameter and you will see what you query is doing to TempDB on Synapse.

GitHub Project

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